Trade talk dynasty time

Would you guys trade David Johnson and a first round pick for dalvin cook and Jordan Howard?


thats tough. but yes i would. thats 2 potential RB1s for 1 and a future pick. only reason i wouldnt do it, is if im already stacked at RB. people tend to put too much value on the top RBs. i mean, i do too but i would rather have a better core of RBs and depth than to have 1 fantastic RB that could get hurt and ruin my season… perfect example just happens to be DJ. i would fight to make that 1st rounder a 2nd rounder though. just to get better value out of the whole thing.

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Yeah I’m having a tough time deciding, my best other running backs are Rex burkhead and Corey clement. Haha

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that makes it super easy for me. im much more comfortable with starting cook and howard with rex as my backup/flex over starting DJ and rex with clement as my backup/flex. depth at RB is so crazy important.

This is a tough one and pretty close. I think it depends on a couple of factors.

  1. The depth of your RB core per Buster above. Clearly, you do need some depth at that position although I think Rex is a great starting option for this year and you could honestly get by with DJ/Rex given how much DJ gives and go and get some cheaper pieces for depth. Could target loaner guys like Lynch, CJ Anderson or high risk high upside guys like Aaron Jones/Williams, Mack, etc.

  2. Where do you think your 1st will end up. How is the rest of your team? Are you a contender? Or will you likely finish at the bottom. Given your RB squad is pretty weak, not sure how your WR core is looking. Cause if you are giving up an early 1st, I probably wouldn’t do it.

  3. If you’re not contending this year but think you will get there by 2-3 years (shelf life of DJ), I also wouldn’t do the deal. Cause you can use your 1st to either draft a top RB in the following years if its a high enough pick or use it to move up in the draft to expand your RB core.

So the answer is it depends for me. Don’t think it’s that easy of the decision. Need to judge where you think you are in your league. Cook’s injury history worries me. I am a fan of Howard though.

I actually think that cook is pretty overrated, I just don’t like drafting him at his current ADP. His production last year before the injury was incredible, but I’ve always been a big believer in Murray… I still think he’s the goal line back now and will be getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 12 touches a game. Don’t get me wrong, cook is a great player, but I tend to see him the same way I see Michel this year-HUGE upside With little to no proven floor. That being said, I love Jordan Howard, I think that his workload is going to go way up this year and he has legitimate shot to be an RB1. Johnson is Obviously elite but I tend to steer away from guys who have sustained season ending injuries in the past. Ultimately, I think this is a pretty even trade, it just depends if you believe more in DJ than the safer bet of the other 2. It’s 2 RB 2’s who both have RB1 potential, vs a guy who I believe is a guaranteed high ceiling RB1if he plays all year

Personally I would not. DJ is still young and I don’t think AZ is as bad as people think. And you never know what your 1st round pick could turn into (Barkley, Guice, Penny, etc). Cook, while great obviously has injury concerns, and Howard (at the moment) is one-dimensional. I would take DJ and a hot rookie every time

AZ is straight trash. They are going to be absolutely awful. Their Oline probably one of the worst in the league especially after losing the starting center. Having said ALL of that, don’t think it matters much for DJ cause when he crushed in 2016, nothing was different. Terrible team terrible Oline.

Maybe not this year. But with Rosen developing and a trade/draft pick here or there, they might surprise in a year or two. And this is Dynasty after all

I think they’re a long long way from being a good team. They are missing way too many pieces. Their Cornerbacks are trash aside from Peterson who is obviously elite. But there are so many holes in the rest of the defense offenses can totally ignore Peterson. Linebackers and safeties are also pretty weak. Only strength is in the pass rush really.

They don’t have a single decent offensive lineman on the team. Don’t have a TE. And Once larry leaves next year, they literally have no weapons in the receiving game.

Also DJ is 26 years old. Maybe 2 more years in his prime. I love DJ as much as the next guy but this team, is far from being average, nevermind good.

Well agree to disagree, but regardless on your outlook for Arizona, it’s still DJ and a 1st for me