Trade talk- James Conner

Should I try and trade James Conner this week? And if so, what could I reasonably get for him? I was thinking either try to go for Dalvin Cook and maybe a long shot for Fournette but let me know what you think

League is full PPR and no keepers btw

I’d try to acquire Bell.

If you don’t want that or can’t, then I’d target the Bell owner first and foremost. That’s where the most value from Conner will come from. You might be hard pressed to get a top RB, injured or not, in exchange for Conner at this point. Too much risk that he might only have 1 or 2 real games left in him before Bell returns and then be virtually unplayable ROS. It’s a distinct possibility.

If you can acquire Bell, that would be an ideal scenario. If you can’t get something legitimate for Conner I would just keep playing him until he doesn’t play anymore…if that indeed happens. It sounds like you don’t really need him that much if you are thinking of trading in exchange for those two question marks (Fournette and Cook), so I’d go for maximum value with Conner and just accept his fate if you can’t get something worked out.

Guys I would take over Connor:

Kerryon, Michel, Aaron Jones, Lindsay.

If anyone gave me that today, I’d take it. There are people out there that think that Conner will actually significantly eat into Bell’s work share when he returns. I find that laughable. Take advantage of it.

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