Trade talk! Joe Mixon for Mark Ingram?

I own Alvin Kamara and Joe Mixon, I am considering trading Joe Mixon straight up for Mark Ingram…thoughts?!

Id rather have Mixon over Ingram


That’s my thought as well, only reason i’m even considering is cause I own Kamara. Ingram is RB2 and high end RB1 if Kamara goes down. Mixon healthy is RB1.

You just explained why I wouldn’t make this trade. lol

You’re cutting yourself off at the knee if you’re giving up a RB1 for pretty much a “handcuff” as long as Kamara stays healthy. Starting Ingram would be fine as a RB2/Flex for anyone else’s team, but if you were to start Ingram and Kamara together I think you would be greatly limiting your teams amount of points they could score per week at the RB position, only so many points to go around on that team.

I like the idea of getting a handcuff for the bellcow, but not at the expense of giving up a guaranteed RB1 for another team.

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I think cinnci’s offense is looking good right now, and they’re even better with Mixon. Keep Mixon.


Great points! thank you

As an Ingram owner, I would rather have Mixon…

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