Trade talk - KELCE

So in a 12 team PPR league. With 2 keepers
2 RBs, 3 WRs, TE and a flex

My RBs are CMC, James Robinson, Trey Sermon, Mike Davis and Ollison
WR’s are Allen Robinson, Higgins, Deebo Samuel, Antonio Brown, Mooney, Marvin Jones
TE is Kmet from Chicago.

Already been offered a trade to possibly get Kelce and giving up Robinson and a WR like Higgins. Originally he was saying Kittle for the RB and WR. Now hes bringing up Kelce…not sure if this is a dumb question, but wondering how much this will hurt my RB situation. Any help appreciated!

This roster is banking on a rookie RB in Sermon and second year WR in Mooney to flex if you trade JRob and Tee Higgins. Kelce would give you a second hammer to go along with CMC. I would say if you can make peace with where your flex will be go for it

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Your RB sitch is pretty good, so I assume you mean he’s axing for JAMES Robinson and not ALLEN Robinson, correct?

The problem is that your WR stable is nowhere near deep enough to weather this trade (with either Robinson) in a 3 WR/1 Flex PPR league.

There are probly at least 3 TEs on the waiver wire better than Kmet, though, so you can upgrade without losing any of your other assets.

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What are your TE options on waiver wire? Kmet is probably netting you almost nothing week to week, so agree with others, that’s the first place to start.

It’s a bit of personal preference, but I would happily trade James Robinson and Tee Higgins for Kelce. You should be able to find 1 or 2 replacement level RB/WRs over the course of the season. Having just one TE on your roster (Kelce), lets you stash more lottery picks on your bench at RB/WR as well.


Thanks for the advice…still thinking about it

OK so the top 3 choices I have on the waiver wire would be A. Hooper, Blake Jarwin and Firkser. Since I waited so long to get the TE, thats why I ended up with Kmet (I was aiming for someone like Higbee). I could find another RB/WR during the season when it comes up.

Lineup would look like Josh Allen, CMC, Mike Davis, Allen Robinson, Deebo, “Kelce”, Sermon, Antonio Brown, Mooney, Marvin Jones, Ollison RB and A St. brown.

thoughts now???

Firkser is your huckleberry there.

Hooper has a chance, but Firkser is the safer bet.

Your options for TEs on waiver wire do not change which way I lean :laughing:

Ok, want to expand here. Heavily siding on the Kelce side after thinking about it. You’re probably going to keep CMC and Kelce if you trade for him. Barring injury, that’s going to be better than any of your other players unless Higgins (Bengals bad vibes) or Trey Sermon have huge breakouts. Maybe some other player does as well, but they probably do not have the positional advantage as Kelce. Next year keeper - one check in favor of the Kelce trade.

Next is what you’re getting this year. Just going by ballers point projection (for simplicity), going from Jarwin to Kelce nets you +165 points. Maybe it’s less than that since you’ll be streaming TE, but you lose some value there as you’re managing waivers and potentially stashing multiple TEs.

Tee Higgins going down to your next starter Antonio Brown (-8 points) and your flex going from Brown to Mooney/Sermon/Marvin Jones is bigger (-16 points). Mike Davis is projected to have almost the same production as James Robinson.

So you’re going to have way more upside (you’re going for the Championship) and you lose two depth pieces. The depth piece is important, but I think having TE locked every week, you’ll have a lot more roster spots open to find pieces at WR/RB. Just be aggressive in the early weeks of waivers. Focus should be on RBs.

You can drop Ollison now and try to find another potential RB.