Trade talk-McCoy buy low?

14 team keeper auction league and targeting a team that only had Jimmy G, I have Cam and Wentz. Thinking about doing a Jamaal Williams, Baldwin, and Wentz for McCoy, Fuller, and Kittle. His team is loaded, his receivers are Keenan and Evans and RB’s are Gurley and Hunt. I also have Burkhead so deciding if I should be getting rid of him or Williams. Thoughts on this and is McCoy a safe buy low?

Depends what you have to give up but its not a bad strategy. I have tried to trade him on name recognition with zero interest. Given Josh Allen’s play and lack of legal consequences, there is a world where he is decent after he comes back from injury.

for sure. I have Kerryon and Penny that I am going to keeping for next year hopefully. I feel like Williams is slowly going to get phased out so him for McCoy seems like an okay deal. Think Baldwin for Fuller is good value?