Trade: Talk me off/over the ledge

Was offered D. Watson for my A. Cooper and Mike Davis. My initial thought was no, but realize Davis is a 3 week piece. PPR. 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 2Flex. Talk sense to me. Walk me off or over the ledge.

My team:
QBs: Stafford, Minshew (often stream QBs)
RBs: Cook, Jacobs, Mike Davis, Gibson, Moss, Bell
WRs: Moore, Kupp, A. Cooper, Ridley, Diontae Johnson, Justin Jefferson
TEs: Fant, Cook

His team:
QBs: Watson, Roethlisberger
RBs: David Johnson, Ekeler, Edmonds, Malcolm Brown, J. Kelley, Lewis, Hyde
WR: Thielen, Woods, Marquise Brown, Marvin Jones
TE: Ertz, Hooper


You got a stacked team. If I were you I’d try to trade a diontae johnson for like a cam Newton. For the pieces you are offering I’d expect like a Lamar jackson in return. It feels like you’re giving up too much for Watson who thus far hasn’t been impressive and his line isn’t doing him any favors. We can’t expect him to perform the same way without hopkins who is a special talent in this league.


Agreed with @Rbins40, Desaun has NOT done anything to show that he has top 5 potential this year, and he’s asking for a WR1 out of the deal? No shot, if you were truly willing to sell that big of a piece then you can afford a Lamar/Mahomes/Allen. Just keep streaming if that’s the best offer you got but if you do want to chase after one of those guys then the depth you have available should be able to get the job done.

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In dynasty absolutely. In redraft, it’s probably closer. I’d likely still do it because your WR are good and your RB can take the hit. Watson’s schedule should be opening up in the next week or so and I’m hoping to see him return to a better form.

This is not a slam dunk in redraft though. I’m also good staying put. I do not hate your QB situation and more depth at WR/RB is never bad. I’m not as high on Cooper as many, so I do not think moving him is crazy. In a 1QB, though, it’s not as big of a boost.

Again, in dynasty yes please. In redraft it’s if you want Watson, but not necessary. As others have said, many people value Cooper enough to potentially get you a stronger QB. I would rather the Josh Allen mention, but obviously he might not be for sale.