Trade talk newton and sheppard for watson and K.Johnson

As you can see from my team i’m ok at RB for the moment but once edelman comes back i should be in trouble at RB2. My league has been very aggressive with RBs to the point the top RB fa is TJ Yeldon and Corey Clement. I 'm currently 1-2 and need to make a change before Edelman gets back into the groove. I was thinking of trading for Kerryon Johnson since hes currently on that owners bench with coleman and kamara starting and mccoy there as well. I was thinking of doing Newton and Sheppard for Watson and Johnson. I know sheppard is of better value atm but his wr3 is larry fitz and i don’t see myself using sheppard moving forward. Is this fair, i’m going in too heavy or going in too light?


I actually like newton so I would hold onto him. Maybe you could do Royce freeman and sterling shepherd for keryon and another one of his wr pieces.

Or even throw in amari cooper

i like the Royce Freeman and Sheppard one because i’ve been trashing cooper too much lately and everyone saw me get boned last year by him so i know even though theres an upside with him most in my league aren’t willing to take the risk.

i feel like larry would be a good target since stock in him is low rn and i think with allen he could bounce back.

Remember, burkhead just got placed on IR, white will still have solid value even with edelman coming back. Michel is injury prone/fumble probs. somehow at the end of the season, james white always does well so take that into consideration as well

agreed and i dont think kerryon would be a plug in play for a few weeks while white still has great value and could maintain his pace but i need a little more depth at rb than a freeman who hasn’t been producing all that well when in a committee.

not sure if i’m just tilting due to my record and its an office league that i run or that i should be concerned more with my RB depth and the viability of James white moving forward with gordon and edelman coming in.

Does the team with kerryon have a need for a WR?

i mean he has nice depth but none that are as good as shepard i feel like for that flex position. and i could be wrong with stills but idk i feel like miami is soon gonna hit a wall and boyd isnt going to see as many targets as when green was out and mixon comes back

I like boyd this year but really i would say u can try to trade Amari Cooper and freeman/ white for Kerryon and one of those other WRs… if u can get stills great, boyd even better

Kerryon will offer beeter season long value than James white but white might get you more points now

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went for shepard and freeman for johnson and boyd and hes gonna think it over.

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