Trade Talk - Taylor/Dion J for Aaron Jones/D.Hopkins

What to do - I have AJ/D.Hop. on my team currently.

The rest of my starters are K.Murray, C.Mcaf, K. Allen, C. Patterson, Emmanuel Sanders, and Dallas Goedert. RB position is solid (C.Mcaf Aaron Jones, C.Patterson, Jeff Wilson, D. Williams), WR position needs help and I don’t know if Hopkins will help.

Other Facts - in second place, but not even close to most points scored for. Been pretty lucky in games to win, but need to get players to make a playoff run.

Trade on the table is Aaron Jones and DeAndre Hopkins for Diontae Johnson and Jonathan Taylor. .3PPR.

If you were offered JT and Johnson for Hopkins and Jones I would definitely accept that. Taylor is quite possibly RB1 for the rest of the season and personally I don’t see that much of a value difference between Hopkins and Johnson. So I think the JT/Johnson side gets much better value.