Trade Talk-Trying to get Bell

Trying to improve my team, HALF PPR:
QB: J. Goff.
RB: C. McCaffrey, D. Henry, T. Coleman, J. Williams J. White.
WR: A. Cooper, K. Allen, T.Y. Hilton, T. McLaurin, J. Crowder, J. Gordon.
TE: M. Andrews.

This guy has G. Kittle (which he offered to the league before) and L. Bell, with those to having a very good schedule. How do you think I should propose this trade?

You already have a pretty stacked team it seems unless the league is really small.

I would be hesitant to give up Cooper, Allen, or Hilton for Bell since you would then be thin at receiver, which leaves you at a RB-RB swap. Maybe a Henry or Coleman for Bell would improve your team, but I always fine those trades to be hard to make.

I wouldn’t bother trying to get Kittle on top of Bell since I don’t see that much virtue in grabbing Kittle while you already have Andrews.

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If it helps - I was able to trade for Bell last night by offering Jamaal Williams and Sony Michel. He took it really quick because he basically lost the weekend with Bell’s performance & probably didn’t look close enough at where Michel is getting production.

I offered K. Allen+M. Andrews for L. Bell+G. Kittle (strong schedule), what do you think?

I think that’s a fair trade - depends on whether you need RB or WR mainly because the Kittle/Andrews trade is pretty equal

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I’m not clear what lineup you are hoping to roll out if you can make this trade:

Assuming you are in a standard RB, RB, WR, WR, flex, then your likely lineups are:

Without trade: McCaffrey, Henry/Coleman, Cooper, Allen, with a flex of Henry/Coleman or Hilton.

After this trade: McCaffrey, Bell, Cooper, Hilton, Henry/Coleman

Maybe an improvement, unless Keenan Allen decides to go bananas again

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I’m going for the CMac, Bell, Hilton, Cooper and Henry lineup, due to my league being a half PPR and the upside schedule and pass involvement with Bell.