Trade Talk - Trying to sell Cooks/Dissly

12 team .5 ppr 3WR League

Need help at RB, and QB, but I can figure out QB with the wire or continue on edge with Goff if I need too…

My team:

QB: Goff
WR: Hill (out), Kupp, Cooks, Diggs, Tyrell Williams, Devin Smith
RB: Chubb, White, Breida, Burkhead, Ajayi
TE: Waller, Dissly

Initially, I want to package Dissly with White or Breida and upgrade at RB but alternatively, thinking that having three Rams players will not be fun ROS. Kupp is definitely staying, but Cooks I could part with. Who can I target here?

My thoughts:

Bell owner weak at WR, could I do straight up Cooks for Bell? What if I paired with White/Breida?

Josh Jacobs owner also weak at WR, thinking the same selling options as above but I like Bell better

I’ve received one straight up offer of Ronald Jones for Dissly, which I don’t really mind but would like to do better.

Let me know Footclan, thanks