Trade Talk: Which RB for Hunter Henry?

I’m in a standard scoring league; we start 2 rbs, 2 wrs, one TE, one Flex, K and D.

My current RBs are a sorry lot (I was fine until Dalvin and Carson went down on the same day): Duke, McKinnon, Abdullah, Cohen, and Darkwa.

A coach near the top of our league standings has Jordan Howard, CJ Anderson, Doug Martin, Lamar Miller and Buck Allen. But he’s got no TEs worthy of starting. He smells championship if only he could settle that pesky TE position.

He has said that Jordan Howard is off limits, but he’s willing to deal any of his other RBs for a TE. I have The Goose (#thegoosenomore!) and Austin Sefarian Jenkins.

I feel secure enough with ASJ to deal Henry, but what’s a viable trade? I’ve seen Henry touted as the best rest-of-season TE, so I think I’ll aim high and ask for Martin. But should I be willing to take Miller or CJ for Henry?

On the other hand, what’s the best RB ASJ could get me?

I’d settle for Miller but I’m not a hig Anderson fan ROS. Definitely shoot for Martin but if he won’t budge, Miller is fine as well.

Thanks, nicholas. This is my instinct too.

Although I see Martin, CJ, and Miller grouped in roughly the same tier range in most rest-of-season rankings, Martin is the highest and CJ is consistently lowest. Rankings aside, I like CJ’s situation the least.

Update: it sounds as though another guy in our league who is desperate is willing to give him Gronk for Martin. That may put the kibosh on anything I could possibly offer, but I do think that Henry is less of a risk than Gronk, though his ceiling isn’t as high. My hope is that this coach will be afraid to give up Martin, and will fear the Gronk injury enough to take Henry and keep Martin.