Trade talk Woods for Chubb and WR3

Someone in my league just asked to trade me Chubb and another WR for Robert woods in a PPR league. I have james white and kareem hunt as my backs with the eagles back field and L. murray on my bench so i could definitely use a little more RB help. With wide recievers outside of obj i have shepard, ridley, agholor lockett and keke so i could afford to lose a decent reciever to gain a average reciever and a good RB. Should i make the trade or should i counter?

So you’d be getting Chubb and a WR3 for Woods? Who are the WR(s) you could get in this deal?

Yes and his WRs are diggs, brown, Kenny G, Josh Gordon. i’d most likely aim for gordon since he has him on the bench rn but probably end up going kenny G.

hed also be willing to do Dalvin cook and chubb but i dont trust Cook since he keeps reaggravating it but it is an idea.

I agree on Cook, i have him and luckily i have the depth to hold him but he is a real headache - best left alone. Chubb and Golladay or Gordon I’d be happy with either to be honest. I don’t think Gordon is out of the question and he has nice upside potential, Golladay would be the worst result though this week was a bit of an odd one for him but he’ll be back to regular targets and involvement ROS in my view

exactly what im thinking its a buy low situation right now and then well start to be back to that smooth Kenny G we know and love

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I’d push for Gordon but to get the deal done and not lose out i’d be happy with the smooth routes for sure

i figured if he says no to woods for chubb and gordon then counter with woods and murray for them both since he has cook

Yeah that’s a good play, i missed that you had Murray. As he’s for sure made that Vikings backfield a timeshare now he’d probably be interested in locking that up, in case Cook gets banged up again

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ended up on a verbal agreement of woods for Gordon and Chubb that will be done tomorrow.

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Well played, ideal result for you all round!

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ughhh after the trade of tate Kenny G would of been upgraded so much.

That is bad luck :man_facepalming: I’m trying to get Kenny G right now myself