Trade Talk- Zeke for Michael Thomas package?

Trying to see if I can snag a WR1 but not sure if I should give up Zeke. 10 team half point ppr, could definitely use some wins right now to push for a solid playoff position. Team:
QB: brees, dalton
RB: Zeke, AP, Lamar, Kerryon, Breida, Ito, Doug Martin
WR: Keenan, JuJu, Edelman
TE: Kittle Olsen

Been targeting teams with RB needs just cant get an elite WR1 back for an RB2. Do I trade Zeke and roll with the motley crew there? I have one offer of sending my Zeke, Edelman, and Olsen for his Michael Thomas and Dion Lewis. Have another offer of straight up Zeke for Hopkins. Thoughts?

I think the Michael Thomas deal would be me giving up too much, the other two offers I have received are Hopkins and Baldwin for Zeke and I am working on an AP and Juju for Davante, I think that might be the best option if its available?

Yeah AP/Juju for Adams is best bet IMO. Get AP out while you can. Kerryon is your RB2. Adams is WR1 for a great pass thrower; Juju while very solid, is obviously WR2 in his offense. What does the waiver landscape present when you’re dropping 2 for 1?

i think sutton is available so I am going to go ahead and put in a sizable bid for him haha

Me personally, I’d roll with the AP deal and try to get Sutton. Any decent RBs on the waiver?

top three are gore, cannon, and williams so not so much. going to try to get that deal done