Trade talk?!


Here’s the deal should I pull the trigger
I’m trading
Doug Baldwin
Aaron jones


John brown

what does the rest of your team look like?

My WRs are - Doug baldwin, Michael Thomas, amari cooper, Michael Gallup, mike Williams

My RBs - Melvin Gordon, Marshawn Lynch, Cory Clemente, Aaron Jones

I’m taking that trade.

with the WR’s you have I would go ahead and do that trade as well.

help with mine please…

Straight up Baldwin for Howard I’m doing that all day. I’m just worried about losing Aaron jones. Giving away a potentially rb1 of green bay offence is a gamble. Plus it’s a .5 ppr. Howard is betttrr in standard then ppr. …

I don’t understand the trade

which trade

Your trade

Half ppr is cool sure, but Howard is going to put up like 1200+ yards and probably 12+ TDs. He is going to be extremely productive. That is a very realistic projection considering he put up 1K and 9TDs on arguably the leagues worst offense and worst coaching staff.

What he lacks in receiving, he more than makes up for in TD upside. Don’t complicate things. You need the RB help.

And I love aaron jones but i’d rather just have a locked and loaded RB1 than pray and hope for one.

So I shouldnt rely on Baldwin being able to play a full season.

McKinnon/Juju for Fournette/Edelman but looking to change it to Hilton/Juju for Baldwin/Edelman

I wouldn’t want the Edelman side of the deal.

It’s a hard trade to dissect