Trade talks for Barkley

Would you trade Fields, 2022 1st/2nd and Diante Johnson for Barkley, M. Ryan and M. Jones.


Current QB: Goff and Jimmy G
Startable Rbs: Akers and C. Edmonds.

Just so I am understanding correctly:

You would be sending Fields/a 2022 1st/a 2022 2nd/Diontae Johnson

And you would receive Barkley/Matty Ice/Marvin Jones?

Correct, the main reason I am considering this trade is I could be in a win now situation.

This is more of a what your team needs.

Personally, I would not make the trade.

Ryan has 2 to 3 good years, where Fields could possibly be a top 5 QB in that timeframe and could give you 10+ good years.

Marvin Jones is on the tail end if his career in an offense that has Chark, Shenault, and Etienne while Diontae Johnson is starting to enter the prime if his career and is currently the WR1 (Plus, Juju wont be back next year) in PIT.

Akers is a good RB1 with possible top 5 upside especially if the Rams use him in the pass game. Edmonds will be a good RB2 for this year, which you can use your 2022 1st and/or 2nd to replace Edmonds with an RB next year.

Barkley is definitely an alpha RB, but you would giving up a lot for essentially for Barkley long term and Ryan/Jones short term.

These are just my thoughts and opinions, but you need to do what is best for your team overall.

I agree with everything you said. I have been sitting on this trade offer for days now. Barkley is just so temping for a better outcome today. Appreciate the response.