Trade Talks - Need to upgrade

Redraft league. Full PPR. Sitting at 5-3 and tied for 3rd with second most points for in the league. I am trying to upgrade my team and think play-off run.

I am looking to trade Walton and Fitz for D. Parker and Jamaal Williams. I like what Williams is doing at GB and Parker’s play-off schedule is nice (NYJ, NYG, and CIN). Fitz has been seeing less targets and has a terrible schedule coming up. What are people’s thought on this?

My team:
QB - Wilson
RB - Barkley, Gordon, McCoy, Murray, Gallman, Walton
WR - Thielen, Lockett, Beasley, Fitz, Woods
TE - Hooper, Fells
D - SF
K- Prater

I don’t mind the trade but I don’t really see the point. Come playoff time your two main spots are set.

Barkely / Godron
Thielen / Lockett

So you are trading fro two guys who one of which probably wouldn’t even see your starting lineup come playoff time. If I’m you and I’m thinking playoffs, I’m looking to do a 2 for 1 somewhere where I can get a noticeable upgrade to my flex spot.

Something like a Mccoy + Fitz for a stud. Or Murray + Fitz to the Kamara owner for something.

Just my opinion. But the actual trade you mentioned I’m good with.


I want to trade Murray to the Kamara owner, but I do not know who I should target. I would like to get the PATs DST, but he isn’t going to give them up.

His team:

Minshew, Wentz, Mahomes
Duke Johnson, A, Peterson, Kamara
Cooper, Diggs, Conley, D. Jackson, Watkins, Amendola
Olsen, Everett

My word that is a brutal team. Lol. Looks like someone took Mahomes a tad too early.

Honestly out of that entire team I would really only want Cooper. (Other than Kamara of course)

If you target Cooper: I’d give Any combo of all players not named Thielen / Lockett / Barkley / Gordon

If you target Kamara: I’d give any combo of all player not named Thilene / Locket / Barkley <— Yes, I would toss in Gordon to get Kamara.

Dude is in all kinds of pain at RB so offering him McCoy + Fitz for Cooper might work. Guice is coming back which hurts AP and Duke as a starter is brutal.