Trade target for Carlos Hyde?

The guys talked about Carlos Hyde having a rough playoff schedule, and potentially getting phased out as they see what Breida has (since their season is essentially a loss). Was wondering what a good trade target would be for Hyde. I have Hyde and Breida. Was thinking of offering:

Hyde and K Benjamin for Fournette (doubt he’ll take it though)
Hyde and Cooks for Fournette and TY
Hyde for Freeman (Freeman has the better playoff schedule, but his usage is risky, and injured)
Hyde for Kareem Hunt (probably won’t take it)
Hyde and Benjamin for Kareem Hunt

Thoughts, other suggestions?

If you can get Freeman I’d do that

Of those offers I think your best bets are Hyde for Freeman or Hyde + Benjamin for Hunt.

And those are still maybes. But worth the try.

I am trying to trade for hyde in my league and offered keenen allen and joe mixon. I think he will do this but havnt got it done yet

I’m also looking for trading hyde away.

I did offer hyde and jordy for freeman and juju, but he refused :frowning:
Currently looking for others options…