Trade Target

Is Demaryius Thomas a good trade target? Standard scoring 10 team league… and what is Darren McFadden value moving forward? Worth moving or keeping? Thanks!

This is coming from a broncos fan but I think he is def a good trade target. Emmanuel Sanders is out for who knows how long and he is still getting the volume. If it wasnt for a terrible call last week he would had an 80 yard bomb to his stats. Good play moving forward, plus he already had his bye if you care.

Awesome response and that’s what I’m thinking… i need a solid flex play for weeks 9/10 and I’m trying to package Mike Gillislee and Darren McFadden for Thomas. I think it’s a fair offer and it’s to the Zeke Owner. Gilly at this point is a drop candidate for me and I need to sure up my bench for the impending byes of Bell and Hunt so I think that Thomas can provide me more of an impact than McFadden can. Think that’s a fair offer, and if accepted a good trade? McFadden and Gilly for DT?