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Trade Targets & Ammo for Week 8 (Fantasy Football)

Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/trade-targets-ammo-for-week-8-fantasy-football/

Welcome to the weekly Trade Targets & Ammunition article! As usual, I’ll outline my personal favorite trade targets and ammo. As you’re making trades, keep an eye on bye weeks. Players that have already had their bye week are more valuable. Also, don’t be afraid to ask open-ended questions to potential trade partners like, “how…

If I need to give up Michel or Jacobs in a trade, who should I pick? I know Jacobs is more reliable, but Michel is also showing promising signs (along with a better playoff schedule).

Current trade offer:
Receiving - Barkley, E. Sanders, D. Fells
Sending - Hunter Henry, Juju, Jacobs

12 team full ppr

Should I throw this offer out to the Kamara owner?

I get: Kamara, Ertz

I trade: Kelce, Michel

I don’t know too much about the extent of Kamara’s injury but even he were to be rested for week 8, he should be fine after the bye week no?

It’s a good trade, but seems unlikely they’d do it.

I’d do the trade in a heartbeat if you’re okay with TE situation. Sanders better than JuJu, Barkley miles ahead of Michel, and Fells far below Henry.

Jacobs>Michel. Last night for Sony, 21 points, is unbelievably low score given 3 touchdowns.

I’d give up Michel if you can get similar value. I love Michel, but he’s going to be up and down. And this may have been his best game of the year… BTW I would probably do the trade there, but I’d counter with something that gives you someone better than Fells

Hmm… I think that’s a good offer. I’d make it. It is certainly risky with Kamara, but I like your aggressive approach

I’m in a 3WR .5ppr league and I’ve run into a WR issue as I stacked up on RBs in the draft. My only 3 WRs are Thomas, Woods and R. Anderson. I’m 3-4 and upcoming bye weeks are going to be a buzz saw for me so I’m offering a WR heavy owner
D. Freeman, T. Coleman and R. Freeman for McLaurin and A. Robinson. My other backs are Barkley, Johnson/Edmonds, M. Sanders and D. Singletary. Am I offering up too much?

Would you trade Brandin Cooks for John Brown PPR?

I think you’re offering too much. I’m not super high on the two WR you mentioned, but I’m probably too pessimistic

  • Jeff

Wow. Crazy to even consider that. But yea, John brown is probably the better player especially in the short term. I think you could get more for cooks just bc of name value though

  • Jeff

How much trade value does Chase Edmonds have. I’m rolling with Carson and Coleman in full PPR with Murray, Edmonds, and Mattison on my bench. Receivers are Adams, OBJ, Kupp, Chark, Samuels, and AJG. What’s a reasonable package and target at RB?

I need to get rid of Evans (I have Godwin as well) and Id like to upgrade my list of what I consider RB3s for an upgrade. Who do you think woudl be some good upgrade targets if I coudl package some combination of the below players from my bench

Evans, Chark, McCoy, Melvin Gordon, Tate, Edmonds,

I need a strong WR2 that isnt from the same team as my WR 1, I am confident in my RB1 and 2 (zeke and carson) however I wouldnt mind trading zeke for the right deal due to tougher upcoming schedule. Solid at TE and QB With henry and Jackson

Currently 4-3 with top 3 in my league as my upcoming 3 weeks so need some wins…

Edmonds has a wide range of outcomes…anything from a top-5 RB to a flex piece, depending on DJ’s status. I like your team a lot and you might want to wait before trading Edmonds. I feel like Edmonds falls into a category where he won’t return as much as he should be in a trade bc he’s a new name with a small sample size.

I recommend trying to trade Melvin Gordon if you can get back-end RB1 value. Maybe package Evans and Melvin Gordon for another stud RB (lev bell) and WR2?

I find that it’s easier to identify trade targets by looking at my opponents’ team and then thinking about who to pair with my trade ammo (Evans) to provide perceived value to that player.

My RBs/WRs:

Dalvin Cook
Derrick Henry
Ronald Jones
Frank Gore
JD mcKissic

Golden Tate
Tyler Boyd
Cole Beasley
AJ Brown

I have been offered to trade Derrick Henry + Tyler Boyd, For DeAndre Hopkins. I am hoping for Hopkins + Brieda. Would you guys do that? Advice? What you guys think

I would only do it if you can get Breida since you don’t have crazy depth at RB.

Hey looking for some trade advice. I got offered Lev Bell and Brandin Cooks for Aaron Jones and Hunter Henry. I have Mark Andrews and could use some receiver help behind Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

Should I take it?

I would take it, but it’s close. Before accepting…see if you can upgrade to another receiver besides Brandin Cooks.

I was offered a trade In 10 team ppr and was really hoping I could get some opinions. No one in my league was willing to make a deal because I am 6-1.
Anyways, I’d be giving up Mark Ingram and Joe Mixon, and getting back Derrick Henry. My running backs currently are 1.Kamara 2. Ingram 3. Tevin Coleman 4. Joe Mixon 5. Latavius Murray. I need the extra roster spot for bye weeks but also could pickup Devin Singletary or Alexander Mattison off waivers. Ingram has been good but it’s a crowded backfield with Gus Edward’s getting 5-8 Carries a game and Lamar Jackson averaging 10 plus attempts. Mixon has been terrible and no one else will take him. I dont want to drop him to fill a bye week because someone will just pick him up. I dont know if Aj Green coming back or Glenn on the O-Line will make much of a difference in him turning his season around. Derrick Henry is the only one carrying the ball in Tennesee and though he sucks in the pass game I feel like he may pick up with Tannehill under center, he looked better for that offense and if the pass game can get going defenses won’t stack the box. I feel like Henry has the potential to finish as an RB1 where as Ingram and Mixons situations aren’t as clear. What do you think? I know its ALOT to give up but I have depth at the position. Sorry for the long message, I’ve been debating this for about a day now.