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Trade Targets & Ammo for Week 8 (Fantasy Football)

I have assembled a pretty decent team with no glaring holes but I was offered kamara for Josh jacobs and Austin ekler. My rbs are currently bell, Josh jacobs, Melvin Gordon, Austin ekler, and Coleman. Its a two flex .5ppr league and I usually start 4 rbs I figure Melvin Gordon is gonna eventually turn it around and will (hopefully) continue getting red zone touches. Is it worth taking the risk of sending out ekler and Jacobs for kamara who seems like he will return to his top five ways with brees back. Or should I try to swap ekler for gordon In the trade.

I’m 0-7 and 4 games out of the playoffs, and just lost Kerryon … so should I trade Barkley for Michel-Lindsay?

Curtis Sam

Melvin owner wants Michel, Curtis and Hooper for Melvin and Kittle - with Michel very unstable this is still a no, right?

Was shopping Ingram and was pushing for Jacobs but got an offer for Derrick Henry for Ingram. Based off my lineup, who do you think I should be targeting? Conner owner has Zeke and is in 11th place.

Or should I sit tight? I’m currently in 3rd place in a tight race


I would do it if it was Gordon and Jacobs for Kamara. But I would turn it down for Ekeler and Jacobs.

How likely do you think it is that you’ll make the playoffs? I hate to be a pessimist, but you might want to trade away players for draft picks next year. In my main league, you could ship Barkley off for something like a 2020 2nd rounder in exchange for your 2020 8th rounder (or something like that).

That being said, if you still have a shot at the playoffs, just keep plugging away but don’t sell Barkley for Michel-Lindsay. Maybe something like Michel and Lev Bell level.

Michel is unstable but still carries a ton of upside. I personally wouldn’t take that trade. I would do Derrick Henry for Ingram, although I’ve never owned Henry because I don’t trust him…it’s probably the right move. I like your idea of going after Conner.

Float out some offers and test the waters. If it were me, I’d be looking to trade away Hooper or Hunter Henry with someone like Ingram to try to get a Kamara or Barkely or Lev Bell plus. I only roster 1 TE if I have a good one.

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Bell and Barkley owners are standing tough. I have Kamara. I was offered Mack for Michel and Hooper. Conner owners has Kelce so a TE pair won’t help me there

Would you trade Mike evans and Chris Carson for Lev bell and davante Adams? Or Mike evans straight up for davante Adams

Ok. I love mack but I would’nt give up Michel and Hooper for him

  • Jeff

I would do both of those, yes. I would prefer involving the RB

  • Jeff

I winded up just giving Hooper for Mack. Did I win? If Hunter stays healthy he might be one of the top TE’s

Also targeting Adams in a deal for Thielen. Think Adams owner is tilting and doesn’t want to risk him getting injured again. He offered Adams for Thielen but might now want more for him. I can probably sway Thielen and Ingram for Adams and Derrick Henry.

Hooper for Mack is a win, for sure. NIce work.

I also like the Adams / Henry side of that. go for it!

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Looks like he may want Michel/Thielen for Adams/Henry. Do I still win that deal?

My problem is no one views Ingram as an rb1 hell trying to trade with him at all no one wants because Jackson steals so many rushes

I’d take the deal personally, yes

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Kenyan to the cards… I have DJ and Edmonds. Should I look to ship off DJ and Edmonds before the possibility of a committee back? Or is it too late and I’m just tilting too soon?

I’m in the exact same situation. I would sit tight for the time being. It doesn’t look good, but I don’t think you can sell Edmonds or DJ for much value right now.

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Glad I’m not the only one. Hopefully DJ doesn’t end up on IR

That’s the impression I’m getting. Hopefully not the case

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Yea him to IR then bank of Edmonds coming back after their 2nd match up against SF