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Trade Targets and Ammo for Week 7

Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/trade-targets-and-ammo-for-week-7/

As we cruise through the middle of the football season, I encourage you (as always) to test the waters and make some trade offers. Tip of the week: Identify the position you want to improve and the position you want to trade away to do so. Then, look at the other teams in your league…

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Thoughts on trading away Kamara for Bell and Chark?

Current Roster:
QB: Allen
RB: CMC, Fournette, Carson, Jacobs, Coleman, White, Sanders
WR: Julio, Mike Williams, Robby Anderson, DJ Moore, J. Gordon
TE: Waller

Hopkins owner is looking to sell him straight up for Fournette or Jacobs plus WR2. Thoughts? Also considering targeting Kelce/Kittle/Andrews with a flex piece plus Waller. Thanks!

What about trading for ertz? Have Waller at the moment. Should I put a package together and try to grab ertz… or hunter henry? Or stick with waller?

I’d hang on to Kamara. You’d be trading a known commodity for upside which is sometimes the way to go but I generally live and die with my 1st rounders. In your trade you are also dropping someone so you’re really trading Kamara and whoever you’re dropping for Bell and Chark. I know Bell has a dreamy schedule but Kamara WILL score huge points and Bell MIGHT. Chark is fine but I’ll be damned if I hang my season on Jax’s passing game. My two cents… I’d consider picking up Beasley, Crowder, or Robbie Anderson as any of these guys can produce Chark-ish numbers on a weekly basis.

Absolutely grab Hopkins for Jacobs and a WR2. Big games are coming for DH. Think about CMC, Fournette, Carson, Julio, Hopkins and all of those juicy flex options!

I’d stick with Waller. You have a draft day steal and the price for Ertz is probably still high even though he’s been blah. Zay Jones isn’t going to impede the Waller-us and Tyrell Williams is the only other real pass catching touchdown threat. Unless you get a steal, I’d stick with Waller.

Traded away mixon today (1/2ppr) for Anderson and Shepherd. Have Freeman, Chubb, and Coleman now as my rbs moving forward…needed depth at wr behind Woods, Boyd, and Kirk. Thoughts?

I generally agree with your take. I’d be willing to do the trade with a safer, high calubir WR2 or back end 1. I still like Chark a lot

  • Jeff

Agreed :100:

  • Jeff

nmwree nmwree is on fire. go for the hopkins trade absolutely. Also, I would go after kelce with Waller and a flex piece, but I wouldn’t try to undervalue Waller…touchdowns are coming.

I think this will look like a great deal in about 4 weeks. I think you probably could have gotten a little more, but I think it’s a good move to sell mixon sooner rather than later (if you can get solid value)

Yeah I thought about pushing for Edelman and Shepherd, but didn’t think he’d take that.

Trade question: Zek and Stefon Diggs (owner asked for Zek/Kennan Allen pair too) for Saquon, Mike Williams and James White?

Would you accept a trade of deandre hopkins for sony michel and dede westbrook? I have the two and was offered hopkins. My current WR1 is adams

I would take the saquon side for sure. I am lower than most on Zeke and diggs

  • Jeff

I’d take the Hopkins side if you have RB depth

  • Jeff

Can someone help me with possible trades I can make with my team.
QB- Sam Darnold, Daniel Jones
RB-Le’Veon Bell,Kerryon Johnson, Monty, Coleman
TE- Hooper, Waller
DEF- Buffalo Bills
K- Myers

Do I trade Lamar Jackson and Brandon Cooks for Keenan Allen and Devin Singletary? I still have Matt Ryan and I can make a move for Aaron Rodgers or maybe even Tom Brady

I was offered Fournette, DJ Moore and Goedeet for Andrew’s and Connor. What do you guys think?

Current roster
Rb: connor, Kerryon, damien Williams, miles sanders, and Kenyon drake,

WR: Hopkins, kenny G, boyd, kirk, and Harman

TE: Andrew’s and Hockenson