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Trade Targets and Ammo for Week 7

Look at other teams and try to find a common ground (need for your team and excess for theirs…also excess for your team and need for theirs). If I were you, I’d try to leverage a TE to improve RB

  • Jeff
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I think that’s a good trade.

  • Jeff

Aaron Jones or James Conner rest of season?

I recently lost Dissly and I’ve been in sort of a scramble as of late trying to replace him. I was able to grab Herndon and I should be able to scoop up Witten (waiting on waivers to go through) But I noticed the guy in last place whose an active person has Waller, Henry and G Everett. I have a plethora of RB’s should I try to grab Waller off of him for one of my extra RB’s?. PPR ESPN

I lean the fournette side in general but not for your team. You have 3 WRs I like better than Moore. Could you change out Andrews for another player?

Yikes. I lean Aaron Jones because the ceiling is higher (but his workload is more under question with potential poor coaching)

Yes times a million. Recommendation: ask him how he values his TE in order and that you’d like one of them. He might say he likes Waller more than Henry or vice versa. Use that info to your advantage.

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Should I trade away miles sanders for AJ green? Full ppr

Facing this trade over: I would get Mike Evans and Hunter Henry, trading away Travis Kelce and David Montgomery.
I need WR help and Montgomery has been on my bench most of the season so far… Kelce was my first round pick though, so struggling with this one! What do you guys think??

Not terrible but if the wr will fill the gap of kelce to Henry then I’d say go for it

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Trade my Jacobs and Engram for Mack and Hunter Henry?

It’s half ppr with full point for first downs.

We start 3 wr, 2 rbs, 1 te, 2 flex.

My other te is Waller. My other rbs are Carson, Penny, Breida , Darrell Henderson.

Would this be a good trade for me or just basically a lateral trade?

Thank you!

I offered Lamar Jackson, Mike Evans, and Alvin Kamara for Christian McCaffery and Keenan Allen, if it gets accepted do you think this is a good trade for me getting McCaffery and Allen?

That’s a tough one. Both have such a wide range of outcomes. I’d go with whichever position you need more depth

I’d take the Evans / Henry side IF you have solid RB depth

I’d probably rather have the Kamara side personally…unless you have another stud QB

I have Matt Ryan still

What trade can I do with the kamara/Evans owner that would be reasonable? I need wr/te help, and he needs rb/qb help and has mattison.

Do you think this is a fair trade? Montgomory + Cooks for Michel and Lockett?

I have Hopkins, Evans, and M. Brown as WR but need a more reliable option

RBs: Cook, Kerryon, Royce Freeman, and Singletarry

If not what other WRs should i target?

I would stick with Waller. He has a solid floor and a consistent target share. Plus, he just had his bye week whereas Ertz and Henry haven’t.

take that. Connor is always questionable. Fournette is consistent. Swap TEs you lose out there but you also get DJ.