Trade targets rbs for for wr

Heyooooo I have a solid amount of rbs and looking to upgrade my WRs in .5 ppr. Got one team in sight

My squad
Mgordon , jhoward, ajones, lmiller , mbreida
CDavis (probably going to drop) Jeffrey, Esanders , Kearse (going to drop)

Thinking about targeting this team
allen,Hilton , jjones
Lynch, smallwood, AP

Which WR should I go after? What should I offer? I was leaning on a Lamar Miller Keenan Allen/Ty Hilton straight up. Would be willing to add Corey Davis if needed just to roster bomb him… its also my brother in law so family rivalry factor.

I would still go Keenan. Given current production, he may be the cheapest out of the three (maybe similar to Hilton). But i trust the targets and talent more with Keenan > Hilton.

Who do you think I should offer? Allen’s on bye also