Trade Targets?

After a week of busts this week (virtually all were in my line up!) slipped to 2-2. Pretty happy with my team overall but it needs a boost at RB IMO. Or should I hold for a week and allow for the better matchups to give me a more trade leverage to the points chasers? We have a few in the league.

Any thoughts on trade targets and offers to be made in a vacuum? Team below, 12 team PPR standard line ups.

QB - Ryan
RBs - Kamara, Montgomery, Jones, Ingram, Singletary, Brown, Michel
WRs - Allen, Thielen, Amari Cooper, Godwin
TE - Engram

Lev Bell is likely on an 0-4 team and will probably go 0-5 next week, any thoughts on an offer for him? He needs help everywhere.

I love trading for Bell. I think he is good now and becomes really good once the offense improves with Darnold.
I’d give Singletary and Thielen for Bell if you can.
Singletary has the “unknown rookie” value that most owners like and Thielen has the name. You might be able to pull it off.

if you do, you could use another WR for depth (assuming 2 WR league).
I’d look to move Michel or Montgomery, whoever you believe in less for a WR2 from a RB needy team. Maybe try to get Boyd (solid WR but often seen as “boring” to owners)

Conveniently Boyd is also on the Bell owners team, you think go with something like Michel, Thielen and Singletary for Bell and Boyd (providing he doesn’t go big tonight)?

What needs would Bell owner have?

Hopkins is an obvious buy low target at WR for me. In my opinion you can get away with what you have.

Really he needs RB and WR help, really has Bell, Boyd, MVS and OJ Howard of note the rest is meh. Lost Luck to retirement and then lost Big Ben and Brees so he’s stuck with Allen at QB.

If he needs RB and WR, why would he trade you Bell and Boyd? Unless you are going to give him 2 RB’s and 2 WR’s that will all start in his lineup hard to see him giving up his best RB and WR to you.

I get that but the approach is that he needs starters, he quite literally has no other RBs I’m not 100% sure who he drafted but it’s Bell and no one.

I don’t really mind Boyd I can pick up a WR every week if needed but he has every chance of going 0-5/6 and will switch off. I was more leaning offering 2 starters and an upside piece for Bell, without crippling my lineup and it doesn’t destroy his team

I think thats a really good initial offer. It could get turned down immediately, accepted immediately, or negotiated

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Last week I traded away Thielen for Bell straight up. But after his performance this week you’ll probably have to package him. Bell owner in my league was also weak at WR.

Thoughts on trading A. Ekeler for M. Breida? I have T. Coleman on my bench, and he has M. Gordon. Standard league with 10 person, 2 RBs and Flex. I also have Ingram, Henry, Penny, and Pollard.

I was thinking of locking up SF backfield with Ekeler’s value diminishing due to Gordon’s return. Any comments/advice are appreciated.

David Johnson for my Ingram and Thielen is on the table, thoughts on this one?

I can add a 4th WR from the wire or Coleman to stash and see for depth.