Trade/team philosophy question

My Roster:
RB: Kerryon, David Johnson,Carson,Coleman, Malcolm Brown

WR:Samuel,Thielen, Kupp, Mike Williams

I can only start two WR and two RB with a flex. I have the urge to try and trade Kerryon for a WR but I’m questioning if I even need to. Do I stand pat or do I try and trade for like Micheal Thomas,Evans or somebody?

You couldn’t trade Kerryon straight up for Michael Thomas. Evans is closer but I’d probably stick with what you have.

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That was just an example really. I’m just thinking ahead about WR depth. However, if the guy accepted a one for one for Thomas should I?

I’d take a shot at a low WR1 or a WR2. You have the RB depth (especially with Coleman heating up in SF) but need a strong WR. Could try him + Theilen for Thomas, otherwise target a someone more WR2 tier. Also look at what other teams need. Find a RB needy team with a good WR and make the case

Yes but he won’t

worth a shot! if he takes it, awesome, if not, see what else he may want (maybe a low WR) otherwise target a RB needy team and use your leverage