Trade the Chiefs?

I have Hunt and Hill; trade deadline is this Thursday. Our championship is in week 16 and the Chiefs have a game/game and a half lead in the AFC and play on Sunday night football in week 16.

Yeah, it is a ways out… If the traveling track meet of the Chiefs win out till Week 16 and the Chargers/Steelers, Chargers/Ravens, Steelers/Saints. Steelers/Patriots have yet to happen and Chiefs play the sad Raiders in week 17, is there concern about them playing only a couple series after most of the week 16 games pan out before sitting the rest of the Sunday night football? Or should I just ride the train? Thanks!

12 team, PPR, 10-2 record, 1 player keeper league (probably keeping Ertz)

QB: Rivers
RB: Hunt, Gordon, Ekeler, A. Jones, Gus Bus, Ware
WR: Hill, Cooks, Golladay, Gordon
TE: Ertz
DST: Stream
Kicker: Butker

I’m leery about Hunt myself for the playoffs. Trying to acquire CMC and if i do, going to create a package to send Hunt, Brate & DJ Moore for Ertz and Michel.

Crappy thing is I trade away CMC and Mike Evans to get Gordon, Ekeler and Cooks in like week 4, doubt he’ll trade back… insert banging head on wall emoji

I may try Hunt for Thielen, J. Jones or Hopkins to a guy with little RB depth and then with another league member Hill for Zeke who has little WR depth. Both of which are scrapping for the playoffs but will make both their teams much better…

Would you trade away Hunt straight up for CMC right now?

It’s close, but I would get CMC and give up Hunt.