Trade the Pats Backfield?

Sony Michel and Damien Harris for a 2020 1st rounder? It’s looking very very likely that this pick will fall inside the top 3 come the end of this season. Everyone has me spooked about Sony but considering I have the primary handcuff I’m not sure whether to give him up

I would hold since you have both of them. Don’t give up both for a 1st round pick. Pats offense is always going strong and if Sony goes down, Harris is the guy. That’s how I see it anyways.

Trying to predict where picks end up this far ahead, is ludacris. I’ve seen teams go from trash to championship over the course of a season. You’re selling your short if you think you’re going to just get a top 3 pick cause that pick can easily end up being middle of the pack. Not to mention, if one of those top RB prospects blows out their knee this season, then what do you have? Don’t try and be a prophet. Play the numbers game my man.

Do not sell Michel, you’ll regret it. I’m all about Michel. All the NFL analysts who are self proclaimed MDs in the offseason are a joke. The truth is, no one knows anything. Michel will be the lead goal line back on a high scoring offense that is transitioning to a run first offense. If he plays a full 16 games, I think he’ll get double digit TDs easily. Selling that for a lottery pick next season that may or may not pan out is insane cause you also lose out on a whole seasons worth of production. People are valuing 2020 picks way too high right now. If I can use a 2020 pick to acquire a proven producer to help me win right now, i’m doing it all day.

Also, Harris is an average prospect at best. Michel is superior runner to him in every single way. And he’s already back to running full tilt. A full offseason to learn the playbook, getting like 18-20 touches a game. He’s going to be a low end RB1 in my eyes with mid RB1 upside. Stick with Michel bro, you won’t regret it. I used all the noise to buy low on michel.

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