Trade Thielen and Marquise Brown for Michael Gallop?

Feeling like Thielen’s production is going to be questionable all year thanks to the passing game in Minnesota. Feel like it might be time to sell high if I can and I like the look of Michael Gallop. Not sure if my target will go for a one for one, so I’m considering throwing Marquise in to try and sweeten the deal since I think I’m at the end of my rope with him (don’t think we’re going to have many weeks like week one). What do you all think?

Thielen should be more than enough for Gallup. If the Gallup owner is also down on Thielen I would rather try to find another guy that would trade with you and aim for higher value.

Good point. Do you think Thielen for Gallop is a bad move? Like I said, just having a hard time banking on his production with the passing game, even though he had a great week.

I do understand the concern with Thielen, whether the points of concern fully materialize or not is up in the air. I just feel Gallup is just a low target. Theilen is still falling in the top 12, so someone not far from that should be the target.

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I don’t really understand this. Thielen is still in the top 12. Isn’t he? I know Minn isn’t throwing much and they’re focused on the run game but when Cousins does throw, it goes to Thielen. Thielen has had 1 bad week.

I love Gallup but I think you’re giving up too much to get him. Hollywood for Gallup straight up would be my move.

Yeah, you might be right…I guess my thinking was mostly motivated by the feeling that if Thielen has more bad weeks it will be harder to get rid of him than it is right now, following a great week. I need some consistency in my WR core…but upon further reflection, I don’t know if I will get what I’m hoping for in Gallop either.

Did you try Hollywood for Gallup straight up?

I didn’t, I came to my senses and just held onto both of them.

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