Trade: Thielen for Odell and DJ

Full PPR. I was just offered OBJ and DJ for Thielen. I’d be giving up Thielen.

My Other RBs: Kamara, Lynch, Conner, Collins, Kerryon, and Bilal

Other WRs: Keenan, Watkins, Marvin jones, John Brown, and Geronimo.


Oh man that sounds tempting.

I think it’s only tempting because your RBs are kinda weak, But thieland is a #1 every week now, But you do need better RB and you wouldn’t be downgrading much from a WR , If I HAD TO CHOOSE
I say yes

I think Keenan J.Brown and OBJ is a good enough trio for the company RB committee of Kamara Lynch and DJ

I would take this trade for sure. Even with DJ sucking, the garbage time production is enough given he is finally seeing 90%+ workloads. He’s a mid-to-high RB2.

And as the resident OBJ truther, he’s still a buy low for me and I think he will finish as a top 5 WR for ROS.

Put another way, I don’t think Thielen can be any better or grow in value more than what he is now whereas the other 2 guys can’t really get lower in value than they are now and have a huge ceiling to grow into. So it’s just a smart investment.