Trade Thielen for Woods straight up in Dynasty to stack with Goff?

It’s Dynasty , full ppr, full point for first downs, 6 points for passing tds. I have Goff as my qb and I think I’d like to have a piece of the Rams offense with the stack of him and Goff.

What do you think? Thanks in advance!

Personally I think the stack is nice and will use it as a tiebreaker when deciding between two players. but I have Thielin pretty far ahead of woods, past tiebreaker territory so I’d say stick with the better player. Or get more for him cause I don’t think that is a “fair” trade (not enough to constitute a veto, but I think you’d be getting the short end of the stick)

couldn’t help myself and checked the rankings after I posted this. The footballers have them ranked pretty damn close, so going off their ratings I’d say do this trade. I just really like Thielin’s potential (and I have woods as a keeper myself this year, so maybe I should try to make this trade the other way…)