Trade Thielen get Elliott

Hi Folks - Someone in the league proposed this deal, I will be receiving Elliott. Seems like a no brainer, but would cripple WRs (but seems like Jefferson is rising) and looking at Elliott’s schedule (and no Dak) WAS, PHI, PIT, Bye, MIN, WAS, BAL, CIN - These are pretty much all above average defenses vs run… thought?

Current RBs - CEH, Mixon, James Robinson, Mostert, L. Murray, Kelley
Currrent WRs - Thielen, ARob, Chark, Parker, Higgins, Kirk

We start 2RBs, 2WRs, 2Flex

as much as I would want Zeke I dont think you can take that. You already have good RBs, so unless you can make it a 2 for 2 and add a RB for one of his WRs I dont think its worth it

What if I then went and flipped either Mixon or CEH or JRob for a WR1 like Ridley, Anderson, Hill or someone like that on a team that needs a RB?

I think you would have to get a top tier WR like Ridley, Thomas, Diggs, etc… but I would try to make that trade before taking the Zeke one. I am also not very worried about thielen losing value with Jefferson rising.