Trade! Thinking of consolidating to gun for the ship

12 team .25 PPR, 2 WR 2 RB 1 W/R/T

QB Watson
WR Nuk, Julio, AJG, MVS
RB Kamara, Fournette, Murray/Cook, Lindsay, Mike Davis
TE Ertz

Give: 2019 3rd + Cook + Lindsay + Davis
Get: Hunt

Gunning for the ship, going after the 2n best RB in fantasy, but am I giving up too much?

Can’t get no help :frowning: Thoughts @MikeMeUpp?

Is this a keeper/dynasty league, cause how the hell did you accumulate 5 first round and 1 second round players? How can anyone actually compete against your roster? lol

Yes, I think you’re overpaying for Hunt unless you can keep him forever. You’re also giving up your entire RB depth, which is a little scary to me. If any of the 3 go down, there’s not much help out on the wire. Particularly with Fournette being so injury prone already.

Probably an overpay, but having hunt/kamara/fournette with your squad is pretty lethal. You’ll have no depth so if you get an injury, you’re kind of screwed but gotta play for the win and take risks.