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Trade Thought


I LOST A BET AND I 100% HAVE to trade David Johnson for 2 of the following, who should I take? .5 PPR 12 team

List to choose from:
K. Allen
B. Marshall


Are you saying David Johnson? If so I wouldn’t even think about giving him up for any two of those listed players. He brings to much to the table and I think it’s to easy to say that he will finish as the number rb in any format. The guy is just to good. The combination of his running style and his ability in catching the ball from all over the field is seriously unbelievable.


I lost a bet and have to…those are the players I have to choose from :frowning:


By process of elimination, I’d first toss out Allen & Marshall & Lacy (because: injury history, age/team, and BMI). So we’ve narrowed things down a bit.

UDK says your top two RB options are Howard and Lynch… And hey, you’re effectively trading the #1 RB for the #8 and #9… which (if you ignore the names) isn’t the worst deal in the world. If you go this route, you put a check mark next to RB and heavily draft WRs early on in your draft.

UDK has Landry as #22 (tied) in half point. That’s a low WR2, so even though it’s a PPR league, it’s tough to take him over either of the above RBs.

Which leaves you with the option of taking a TE instead of Lynch/Howard (your preference). The Patriots have made a point of restructuring Gronk’s contract to heavily incentivize him both staying healthy and having a strong season. If that turns out to be the case, he is both the TE1 and a mega-deluxe-super-dooper difference maker for your team.

Issue then is just one of trust. Can he stay healthy??? High variable there.

Swinging for the fences and maximizing your value, Mr. ButterFace would go with Gronk (highest upside) and Lynch (Oakland will be good. Chicago… nope).


I’d probably go Lynch/Howard but more importantly can we hear about the bet you lost that is forcing you do this?


I would choose Jordan Howard and Gronk. Likely highest ceiling and trade value going forward.

And YES! We need to know about the bet. Context.


Thank you for taking the time to break it down for me like that. After HEAVY consideration I went with Gronk and Lynch! Probably bc of your amazing rationality HA! but thanks again! MEans allot! LOVE THIS FORUM


SO…the bet goes as follows…I am a huge Green Bay fan by buddy is a huge Cowboys fan and lets just say we love to bet. Therefore the bet was simple but as follows:

Johnson for Jordy

The bet was that Dez Bryant wouldn’t get 2 (100 yard) games week 8 on. He started with 1 through first 7 weeks and thought he would be injured so I took the bet. He only had 2 weeks 8 and 10. I was PISSED but have to honor the bet.


Sorry bout that brah. Good to see that u homered the bet but hopefully the players u got in Gronk mad marshawn pay out for you!


thanks! it was hard but had to honor it. so fingers crossed lol!!!


Keenan Allen & Gronk.

I’m not touching those backs. Plenty of zero RB backs late in the draft.


Gronk and Howard