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Trade Thoughts ASAP


Hey. If I give up Luck and Derrick Henry, for Keenan?

Is this smart? Thank you


For Kennan Allen? Whats your roster construction like?


Sorry yes, I would get Keenan Allen

QB- Palmer
RB- Gurley
RB- Gordon
WR Kelvin Benjamin
WR- Davante Adams
TE- Rudolph


FLX Mixon

Bench is



Derrick Henry

No Carr


yeah i’d do this and go full streaming for qb, because palmer isn’t gonna be an every week start.


Do this deal and don’t look back. Luck is still weeks away and you have to stream QB til then. So when he does come back you may get 4 weeks out of him? I’d take Keenan now as your WR1 and hope Pryor finds his groove so you don’t have to rely on Benjamin or Adams.


Thank you very much!


Thank you for the help!!