Trade Thoughts? E Sanders/Howard for Cohen/Maclin

In a standard league I was offered Emmanuel Sanders and Jordan Howard for Tarik Cohen and Jeremy Maclin. I have a hard time believing Cohen can be an every down back and I like Howard’s upside but he’s a bit shaky right now yet the WR move would be a little bump for me. Thoughts?

Is this a keeper league?

Yeah it is, 1 keeper per team based off auction value of prior year averaged with current year auction value.

Maybe sit on the offer till after this weekend (if you can) and see what happens with all the players. Maclin should be building better with Flacco and a third game for Cohen can see just what he is actually capable of.

My concern with waiting is I think Howard has better upside and with this week I think he could bounce back. Maybe I have rose-colored glasses for Howard’s potential redemption…