Trade Thoughts, Evans for Dalvin Cook

Do you think my team would be better off with Mike Evans over Dalvin Cook? Let me give you my thoughts. I have Devonta Freeman, Kareem Hunt (a dream come true, i am a huge Chiefs fan), Jordan Howard, and Javorius Allen for RB. That is the good, my strategy was RBs first and it is worked. I am 2-0, but my WR have not performed at all. The BAD, WR I have, Terrelle Pryor, DeVante Parker, and Larry Fitzgerald. So does does having, Evans play and Howard be my flex, make me a better team, down the stretch? I could use Allen while Howard is banged up? Please tell me if this is a good move?

Standard League, 10 person

Seems to me that your RB situation is solid with or without Cook. I think Parker will be fine going forward. Pryor should be okay once their offense figures it out. Evans seems to be Winston’s favorite target and is def an WR 1. I’d say make the trade. Trusting Howard as a flex going forward seems iffy, given the Cohen factor.


That is the the thing. Right now Cook is my Flex. If I trade him. I would be left with Howard or Allen at flex.

pull the trigger fam. Buck allen for now is a pretty solid flex option and if jordan howard gets things going, you’re looking good. Mike Evans is a pretty high level wideout and considering your RB depth, you GOTTA do that deal

You’d still have one of the other receivers available as a flex. With Freeman, Hunt and Allen, I don’t see much need for Cook. And Mike Evans is a beast.

I would make the deal, I to am set at RB and a little weak at WR. I’m trying to shop CJ Anderson for a WR. You have Allen and still could use a WR in the flex if the match up is there.

Thanks so much for response. I found your podcast and this year and listen
every day now.

The guy, is backing out of Evans trade. Would you do same trade for Green?

Absolutely! I like Green better than Evans myself and think he’ll come around. Might be tough to swing but I would if you can.

Grab Evans. Your RB’s should do well and Evans would definitely bolster your lineup. Die hard Broncos fan, but I’m from KC. Hats off to you and even rest of the west. Gotta deal with the damn raiders now.