Trade thoughts - gurley cuff

I have Zeke, Gurley, and Carson. Should I do the following trade?

Send: Delanie walker, Tyler Boyd, Latavious Murray
Get: Zach Ertz, Will Fuller, Darrell Henderson

Why wouldn’t you do that? You get a top 3 TE, Fuller is just as good as Boyd (if he can stay healthy), and you give away Murray who would never be in your lineup anyway.

Im not sold on Henderson being the Gurley Handcuff. I think it will malcolm brown. That said. I do like the trade

Only reason I was hesitant was the injury risk added is high and I’d be adding more to my team with Fuller while also having Gurley who’s cuff isn’t actually known.

I have cam Newton, Gurley, Josh Gordon, Pettis and Robby Anderson who all have known injury or suspension concerns is it too much additional risk

Obviously injury wasn’t a big concern when you drafted so why is it now? That is my only question. If you were worried about having guys with injury why would you take guys like Gurley, Gordon, and Anderson who are constantly hurt?

That’s fair, but that’s why I tried to draft players like Zeke, Robert Woods, and Murray to balance out some of the boom or bust. However, I can see your thinking.