Trade Thoughts Pls

David Johnson + DJ Moore for James Robinson + Jerry Jeudy (.5 PPR)

Who wins this trade?

Cheeky bump.

Whoever received J Rob/Jeudy I guess “wins” (only slightly) based on your question.

Both DJs havent been performing well with the volume they have been given.

J Rob is a solid mid RB2 until he proves he isnt.

Jeudy has the talent and with Sutton gone and Fant out for a couple of weeks, his targets will increase. I just dont trust Jeudy’s QBs.

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James Robinson is the best player in the deal by far in my opinion. Whoever is getting him is definitely winning. Jeudy has nice upside too.

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It would be myself getting Robinson and Jeudy. Think you’ve convinced me I should forge ahead.

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