Trade thoughts to get clear WR1?

Baldwin + D. Freeman for M. Thomas or Hopkins?

Thomas and Hopkins owner is a Seahawks fan and is weak on RB (Lynch, Bernard, White, Mack) - or could I try to sell high on Thompson as selling Freeman then leaves me weak on RB.

My other RBs include Kamara, Powell, and maybe Yeldon if I get the WW claim.
My other WRs include Robinson, Jones Jr, Anderson, Benjamin, Edelman

Standard Scoring.

You’re really week and shallow on both WR and RB.

Having said that, trading away 2 players with high injury risk on bad offenses for a locked and loaded every week stud like MT or Hopkins, if pretty favorable. I would definitely make that trade if you can find someone who is willing to take the other side. Personally, I would turn that trade down pretty quickly as an MT or Hopkins owner.

I would also then go on the waivers and acquire Philip Lindsay. Don’t be afraid to spend big. He is a potentially a weekly flex play.

Given my roster, would you put more effort into boosting RB or WR?

Probably WR. Arob and Jones as WR 1 and 2 is not comforting.