Trade thoughts - WR/TE

Start-up dynasty, 0.5 PPR, twelve team, trades been flying around just wanted one evaluated.


QB: Matt Ryan, Fitzmagic
WR: Cooks, Godwin, Pettis, Samuel, Moncrief, Jackson, Quin
RB: Zeke, David Johnson, Ajayi, Royce Freeman, Jaylen Samuels and Malcolm Brown
TE: Ertz, Jesse James

Trade on the table is;

Ertz and Cooks for Julio Jones and Engram.


Fair trade, based on your roster I would trade for Julio. Cooks as WR1 is pretty weak

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I prefer Julio and Engram. Like the trade.

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I also prefer the julio&Engram side

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I’d say the Ertz & Cooks side is stronger. You’ll get 5 more years out of Cooks compared to Julio and maintain the stronger TE. In redraft I could get behind the Julio side, but in dynasty give me Cooks.

Very even trade. I lean towards Julio + Engram, but I won’t knock you if you prefer to stick with your players.