Trade Thoughts?!?

Lost Watson for the year. I’m 7-1 and in got position to make playoff and get BYE in week 14.

I get Wilson and Cooper for Crabtree and Jordy

Thoughts? Crab is my number one receiver but might have to part with him for elite QB fill in.

WR on roster: Crab, Parker, Shepard, Tate, Jordy

How many WRs can you start? PPR or Standard?

Standard scoring. 2 WR spots, 1 flex. Usually flex RB’s

Crabtree is reliable and gets the redzone targets but if you don’t want to stream it’s alright to do it. Id want someone other than Cooper though but that’s me

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I think I value QBs less then most people though. It’s not typically QBs that win you your season

Yeah at this point he’s trying to load cooper off on you but on the upside you’re getting rid of jordy and the pressure of whether to start him or not each week, i get the lure of the security of having an elite QB it takes alot of pressure off of you from week to week, so if you’re absolutely hell bent on acquiring wilson (Who should be top 5 QB ROS) I’d try to add someone with big upside at WR Corey Davis, JuJu, or Sanu…

ON the other end McCown is shaping up into a pretty reliable QB he could be dependable as a multiple week stream after his bye