Trade time guys! Tyreek Hill for Mark Ingram....?

12 team .5pt PPR league
My RB1 is currently Abdullah and RB2 is… Alex (shudder) Collins.

I lost Dalvin Cook, so I’m in a bit of a spot.
My WR core is Solid with Antonio Brown, Deandre Hopkins, Devonte Adams, and Tyreek Hill.
I was offered the Trade of Hill for Ingram Straight up… and I’m leaning on a yes vote thoughts?

P.s. I also have Breida and Mack stashed on my bench

I don’t hate it, but I’d advise caution until we see how the work plays out in New Orleans. I lost Cook in a league and got Ingram for Watkins, but that was post week 3 after Sammy’s big game.

How deep is this guy at RB?

He has Miller and McCoy as well. Not willing to part with either

I see. I’d probably do it. You’re strapped for RB and it’s pretty close.

I’d definitely take this trade in your position. The trade for AP going to Arizona is only going to help Ingram’s numbers and you have plenty of WR depth to unload Tyreek.