Trade Time - Standard

So I have been blessed with the 1.01 this year and I will take Saquon with it. However, the guy at the 1.08 (12 team league) wants to trade into the 1.01. So, I was thinking of…

I give: 1.01
I get: 1.08 + 3.08

I could ask for the 2.05 but I doubt that gets accepted. So is this enough for the 1.01? Too much? Too little?

Players at 1.08: Bell, Hopkins, Adams
Players at 3.08: Henry, Fournette, Kupp, Diggs

the 1.01 is a holy a sacred thing to have. its value is immense, so i think you are under selling it. the real question that needs to be asked is, when you say non PPR do you mean standard, or half point? cause Barkley is much less enticing in a standard.

My apologies… Standard.

I was also thinking of asking for the 4.01 in addition to the 1.08 and 3.08

thats better for sure. the real question becomes… are you ok with losing out on that pick for added depth? i see why this guy wants to get out of the 1.08. its a crappy place to be in a standard league if you want an RB. depth is king in all formats because depth protects you, and also gives you great trade potential. so i dont see anything wrong with taking the 1.01 and turning it into the 1.08, 3.08, and 4.01. still get top end talent just probably not an RB, and you build great depth.