Trade to acquire Hill/Cook

Should I trade Phillip Lindsay and Jarvis Laundry to get Tyreek and Dalvin Cook?

Current roster:
RB: Kamara, Lindsay, Hines, Aaron Jones, Kenyan Drake
WR: Jarvis, Boyd, Corey Davis, Dede Westbrook, Anotonio Calloway, Fitzgerald

P.S. drop Fitz ASAP? lol

I mean… if you could pull this off absolutely… if I was offered that for hill/cook I’d decline immediately


Definitely an upgrade at RB if Cook is healthy and with Tyreek, so long as you can ride the highs and lows, go for it.

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He said we were getting close with this… he may want another piece but I think adding pretty much anyone besides Kamara and Boyd would be fine to add… westbrook or calloway or Jones possibly

At 3-3, im hoping for more highs than lows from Tyreek if I get him. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t do jones just yet as that would really hinder your RB situation… Jones will get more volume and is a very explosive player. I’d do Calloway or Fitz if he wants someone else

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Yeah good thinking. Thanks for the advice fellas Ill update this forum with what ends up happening

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Look forward to it man!

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Would either of you mind checking my post about Howard and Jones for diggs… should be up at the top of this forum or near there.

If he asks for Corey Davis + Jarvis + Lindsay, do you still do this?

Yes, Davis has moved onto the bubble of my rosters because of Mariota