Trade to get 4th pick but give up 2nd,3rd &13th?

I am in a dynasty startup . I had the 3rd pick and picked cook, the person with the 4th pick is shopping it around. He wants the 2nd,3rd & 13th pick for the 4th pick. But I can get 2 solid 1st rounders. What do you guys think. If I take it off who should I pick also?

I dunno, it’s not horrible. Wish it was a couple of picks later where you could dial in on young stud Najee Harris, but being a dynasty startup, I could see him going in the first five picks, too.

So you start with Dalvin Cook, essentially take Harris with your 2nd round pick, and then give up your 3rd and 13th. I think I do that–there are plenty of solid young WRs to choose from in the 4th-7th rounds, and you’d be competely studly at RB.

Yea it’s really so many ways it can go. Mahomes was the first pick Overall

I would personally hold and try to pickup some WRs in the early rounds.