Trade to get Kirk cousins

I’m have had Luck on the bench and streaming QB. I’ve do ok at that but the options are getting worse. Every team in my 12 man league has 2 QBs.
The Cousins owner has D. Watson. He has said he is willing to trade. I think cousins has a good rest of season schedual. Who would you offer?

My roster
Luck (IR Spot)

D. Murray
D. Martin
B. Allen
R. Kelly
M. Mack

K. Allen
J. Nelson
J. Laundry
D. Amendola


Bump for opinions

Try offering Murray or maybe Buck Allen, if he needs a rb. Murray may start losing more carries to Henry and that hammy will always be a question. Hunt obviously stud, and I believe in Doug Martin to be a low end RB1. You have decent depth at RB so you can afford to lose Murray or Allen.

The trade won’t be tell next week if it happens. He is stating Kirk this week. Maybe R. Kelly gets a game in.