Trade: Too much or Just Enough?

I have a lot of depth at WR so I am trading Golden Tate, Dez Bryant, and Doug Martin for Leveon Bell? Should I do this? I haven’t pulled the trigger on this yet.

Maybe a tad too much but if u have the depth

A little more than a tad I would say… Who would you have left to start?

WRs: Michael Thomas, Dez Bryant, Golden Tate, Devante Parker, Martavis Bryant, Adam Thielen, Larry Ftizgerald

RBs: Shady, Jacquizz/Doug, Howard/Cohen, Samaje Perine, Chris Carson

If I had good depth, I’d do this in a heartbeat, and I love both Tate and Martin.

I wouldn’t give up Tate and Dez. I’d do Fitz/Tate/Martin. That’s just me though. Those Dez targets are ridiculous.

Ya then yes

This guy is a Steeler’s fan so I have to give him quite a bit. He doesn’t like Fitz either so he probably wouldn’t go for that unfortunately.