Trade trade trade!

So. I’m weak at RB. Big time. I have David Johnson, Tevin Coleman, Nick Chubb, LeSean McCoy, and Corey Clement. So, here’s my thinking. I have Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders, Tyler Boyd and Marvin Jones at WR. So I’m thinking Sanders’ stock is st an all time high being ranked as the #3 WR for points this year. I trade him and Coleman for a solid RB1 or RB2. Because I need someone consistent but I don’t know giving up 2 good players for 1. I’ve offered for James White so far. Was also thinking maybe Mark Ingram? Also was brought to me, Coleman and a WR for Dalvin Cook and Amari Cooper. Cook has way more upside than all my other RBs but can he even get on the field? Help!!

I wouldn’t say that you are weak at RB at all. Tevin Coleman is now the starting RB for Atlanta and will get a lot of touches. David Johnson now has a different OC so he’s going to get a lot more work. Nick Chubb is now the workhorse for Cleveland and he will be serviceable. Plus McCoy is not bad at all. I wouldn’t trade if I were you.

I love doing 2for 1s in trades. Just as long as you aren’t constantly making them willy nilly and stripping your team of all it’s depth, it’s a foolproof way of securing some top guys. Just as long as you’re active on the waiver wire you’ll be fine. Don’t be scared to go for broke

Well…the David Johnson situation hasn’t been kind to me at all but yes things are looking up with him getting a new OC but he’s been a consistent under his predicated play type player this year. Coleman has been the same all year without Freeman. That offense looks awful and it scares me. And other than that, I don’t see Chubb or McCoy as starters yet. This is a 10 man league so.

But who should I go for and who should I be willing to give up…I’m fine going for a 2 for 1 and giving up a WR bc I can always find a solid WR on waivers that week.

Oh if it’s a 10 man league that changes a lot…try to go after someone who had a down week but is normally good. It also depends drastically on what your leaguemates have. If someone is week at WR you can get a RB for cheaper

I offered for Zeke just because he’s on a Bye and had a bad week so maybe the owner is upset haha…but also I would really like James White because it is a PPR league which he’s been a top 10 RB this year but I don’t know if I’m offering too much.