Trade Trey BooBoo for George Kittle?

1 PPR, I have Trey, and at the risk of feeling the tilt of his performance last week, along with Kittles, I kind of trust Jimmy G and Shanahan to involve their TE more than I trust Trubisky at this point. I also feel like it could be kind of a wash. Thoughts?

I feel like it’s kind of a wash, but then if Trey has a dud week again his value plummets. That being said I think he’ll be just fine. Can’t go wrong either way with those guys. As a Trey owner in one league and a Kittle owner in another, however, I do kinda trust Kittle more given the QB situation.

I mean you gotta like the down field routes that Kittle ran last week… I wasn’t a Trey Boo Boo truther like the majority of the fantasy football community. I think he’s outside the top 10 for tight ends. I thought it was crazy that people predicted him to be a top 5 TE by season end. I would rather have Kittle but this advice is coming from a guy who isn’t high on Trey Poo Poo