Trade TY, Kerryon, Kelce

With Andrew Luck’s Retirement, and knowing Kerryon is dropping in the ranks, would you trade TY, Kerryon W/ CJ, and Kelce for JUJU Lockett Freeman W/ Ito and Njoku?

Trading Kelce, TY, Kerryon, Anderson


Kelce for JUJU Lockett Freeman, Ito and Njoku


I think I’d do that! Obviously tough to give up kelce, but personally I far prefer juju & freeman to TY and kerryon. That’s not even really that close for me. And with a little luck the joker will at least be a solid replacement. The question is is the difference between juju/freeman over TY/kerryon big enough to warrant downgrading from kelce to njoku? Maybe not on paper at this point, but once things begin unfolding in season I think it could ultimately prove wise. Maybe I just love juju too much (WR1 overall potential), or am too worried about brisset to TY and kerryon’s offense (not that good, plus facing bears D twice, Vikings D twice,& a greatly improved packers D twice) but I think I’d take a shot on this one…

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My thoughts exactly. I appreciate it!

What if Freeman turns in to marlon mack… would you still do it?

JuJu will be a top 3 WR this year. I’d do that trade in a heartbeat though I’m curious what your RB situation is.

I’m not sure I follow- how might he turn into Marlon Mack?

But yes I’d still do it. I’m very bullish on devonta this year. The concussion history scares me a little, but injury concern is an issue with every single RB, regardless of history!

like if freeman was mack instead

Hmm, oh you mean like a bait & switch?! Started off freeman & the other guy switched it to mack? Nah, dealing kelce I think you could hold out. Mack is truly only a stud when the colts are winning/playing from ahead- without luck around now that scares me off…

Gregory M. Brooks

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